World Hunger Day – Free Food Truck

World Hunger Day is aimed to create awareness of chronic hunger that people live through and remind ourselves that hunger can be eliminated sooner than expected if the necessary political will, professional skill and people’s participation are brought together.

In that spirit, Raindropss -partnered with Aasife Biriyani Centre Biriyani on the World Hunger Day, May 28, 2016 to donate food to the needy on the road sides in the city. The free food truck was flagged from Mount Road, Aasife Biriyan at by Chef Dhamu, Director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Music Director A.R.Raihanah and Aasife – Managing Director Aasife Biriyani.

Serving the needy on the roadsides is not something new to Raindropss, we already have a project Virunthali – Feedy the needy, where we serve the needy people every week. To do something special and great today on World Hunger Day, we wanted to serve large number of people through our Raindropss Free Food Truck and create awareness on chronic hunger.
Volunteers of Raindropss, CSC India and volunteers from Seers Girls Home, Vyasarpadi joined to help in serving the food to needy. Makkal auto, Studio Prolific, SAJ & TAJ, Cargoji have also partnered with Raindropss for this noble initiative.

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