Raindropss “REACH THE BEACH” 2018

Going to the beach for the pleasure of enjoying the lap of waves on one’s feet is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and yet it is out of reach for lakhs of differently-abled people. Driven by the need to make it inclusive for all, RAINDROPSS laid a temporary ramp on Elliot’s Beach in the city, for persons with disabilities to reach the shore

Organised by Raindropss, this initiative was to spread awareness on inclusion and making public spaces accessible for people with disabilities. It was a heart-warming sight when the organizers and volunteers of Raindropss gathered to assemble a makeshift, temporary ramp with carpet welcome to enable people on wheelchairs reach the shore. 

We used interconnecting plates on the sand, positioned in such a way as to make movement of the wheelchair easy. Volunteers of Raindropss and support organizations helped keep this make-shift pathway in place, whenever conditions turned windy. 100’s of differently abled persons from Tamilnadu Udhavikaram Differently Abled Welfare Association participated in this initiative.

It is a dream of every differently-abled person: visit the beach to leave a trail on the wet sand and let the frothy waves lap at their legs. But for many, it remains unfulfilled as nothing is more difficult than wading through the sand in a wheelchair or walking on crutches. We wanted to make the dream of every differently-abled person come true, we believe this initiative has made them happy and they will cherish these memories

World Record Attempt – Largest Human Image of a Wheel Chair Accessibility Symbol

#Raindropss and Veltech University have set a World Record to support the differently-abled. The youth-based organization and the educational institution created the largest image of a wheelchair with 1,550 people at the university campus.

RAINDROPSS and Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science And Technology(Department of Computer Science & Engineering) have set a World Record on 3rd December, International Day of Persons with Disabilities at C K Nayudu Stadium in their University campus. The World Record event titled as “வானமே எல்லை” aims to promote “Together a better world for all”, an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The overall aim is to show non-disabled people that a person with a disability can be a vibrant member of society. 

To create a significant awareness among people, Raindropss and Vel Tech joined hands to break the existing world record of largest human image of a Wheel Chair. The new world record has been achieved by Raindropss and Vel Tech University with 1550 participating and forming the LARGEST HUMAN IMAGE OF A WHEEL CHAIR. . On this occasion, Wheel Chairs were donated to the differently abled from Tamil Nadu Udhavikaram Differently Abled Welfare Association.

The Record was officially announced by Vivek R, South India Head of Asia Book of Records and the certificates were awarded to Vel Tech University and Raindropss.

The Visual for theme Song Raindropss “வானமே எல்லை” composed by A.R.Raihanah, penned by lyricist Madhan Karky and sung by Bhavatharani and Aravind, was also released during the record attempt. This song conveys a strong social message, a person with a disability can be a vibrant member of society, by proving to themselves that there are many things they can still do.

Aid for Kerala Flood

During our RAINDROPSS flood relief works in Kerala last week, we posted a live about the requirements of Sree Dharmasastha Vidyanikethan school located in Chalakuddy one of the adversely affected spot in recent devastating Kerala Flood.Currently, the school in the recovering mode and school was submerged nearly for about 24 feet, all their files, records was damaged completely.

To overcome this critical dilemma to retain the previous regular status of this school they were seeking the support of us and as immediate, they were in need of 5 ceiling fans and 2 desktop computers. Our good friend and a famous #DrummerSiddharth came forward generously and donated 5 ceiling fans to the school and this will serve 5 classrooms for 100 students. @Raindropss extends its deep gratitude to Siddharth Nagarajan and his family for joining hands.

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