Educate A Child – 2022 Update

We thank every good heart who joined us in Raindropss Charity Foundation ‘Educate A Child’ initiative.

Proud to have raised Rs.13,47,785 to support education for 66 students 🫶#Raindropss #EducateAChild 📗📝

Best Community Service Award

MDA Events and Productions honored Raindropss Charity Foundation with Best Community Service Awards at the IIVA Awards 2022 held at Chennai.

Empower and Enrich

Raindropss sponsored Ms.Mubabi of Ennore with a cart during the communal Iftar program. LMs. Mubabi from Ennore, lost her husband and three sons, was struggling to meet her basic needs. But now, she is ready to support the education of less privileged children with a small part from her earnings. Thank you Kalam Nanbargal for identifying her and giving us an opportunity to support her👍Raindropss Charity Foundation #womenempowement #womenpower

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