RAMP FOR CAUSE – A beauty pageant of different kind!

25 children from care centers and community in Chennai got their share of limelight when achievers across the genres along with the celebrities from kollywood walked the ramp hand in hand with them at a charity fashion show held recently at VGP Golden Beach and Resort.

Conceived by Raindropss, a youth based social organization well known for spreading social awareness messages through entertainment and media, organized its first edition of Ramp For Cause, a charity fashion show of a different kind presented by Naturals Hair and Beauty Salon and Sathyabama University. Oscar winning music composer A.R.Rahman’s sister, Music Director and playback singer A.R.Raihanah also the Goodwill Ambassador of Raindropss presided over the charity show in which the education of the children for the academic year 2020-21 were sponsored and they flew from Chennai to Coimbatore for a day trip.

Children from Sevalaya, CHES, Seers Girls Home, Anandam Education Center and from the community including a visually challenged and a transgender student were groomed by the experts of Naturals Hair and Beauty Salon and costume’s were designed and sponsored by Styl boutique. The ramp walk was Choreographed by fashion choreographer Karun Raman. In the opening round 25 children from care center’s walked around the ramp introducing themselves while in the second round, the privileged children joined hands with less privileged children in the ramp walk to showcase no difference between them and finally, both privileged and less privileged children walked around with an achiever. Rationale behind this project is two, firstly as these children walk the ramp with confidence, they will not only feel special but also happy that their efforts on stage are helping children like them get access to education and also experience their time flying in an aircraft and secondly they get an opportunity to meet and walk along with the achievers whom the children and common people can take inspiration from, after all inspiration is caught and not taught; This event was executed by Sapphire, the new brand and event management company in the city. 

Children are our greatest treasure and they are our future. The ramp walk and flying experience will remain ever in their lifetime and get an exposure of an outside world. Raindropss believes that an excellent groom of children is a combination of knowing the world around them, exposure and to seed the good values. This initiative ensured that these kids took back the inspiring values and cherish-able memories for their lifetime.

Special thanks to all our sponsors and partners.

Title Sponsors: Naturals | Powered by:Sathyabama Insititute of Science & Technology | Wardrobe Sponsor: Styl | 
Venue Partner: VGP Golden Beach Resort | Print Partner: Dinamalar | Radio Partner : Radio One & Fever FM | Hospitality Partner: Savera | Chai Partner: Chai Kings | Digital Partner: IBC Tamil | Photography Partner : TStudio & DCrafts | Creative Partner: Big Bang Creatives | 
Fitness Partner: FSA | VDJ – Sabarish

Event Executed by @Sapphire Brand & Events

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Vanamae Ellai – Sky is the Limit- Less privileged children flew for a day trip to Coimbatore

Sky is the Limit – Less privileged children flew high for a day trip to Coimbatore

Raindropss has recently done a survey with the younger generation of many homes across Chennai. It was an unanimous desire of those children to fly high on an aircraft in their lifetime. To make their wish and dream come true, Raindropss in association with #VGPUlagaTamilSangam and #ParkGroupofInstitutions, Coimbatore organized its 2nd edition of VANAMAE ELLAI – SKY IS THE LIMIT, a day trip to Coimbatore with the selected 25 Children from Seers Girls Home, Sevalaya, Anandam, CHES and Students from the community including a visually challenged and transgender.

Children flew from Chennai to Coimbatore today morning, visited the iconic places and returned by train on the same day night. Ms. Anusha Ravi, CEO of Park Institutions were present in the airport to welcome them. Children were excited and surprised with the warm welcome showered at their arrival. Children were taken to Park Institutions for a Campus tour and were guided on the higher education opportunities.

This initiative not only provides children’s to visit Coimbatore and its iconic places but also fulfil their experience of first time flying on an aircraft, a memorable initiative towards making a positive impact on the young minds and lives of the Children. Industrialist and Chairman of VGP World Tamil Sangam V G Santhosam, Music Director A R Raihanah, Organic Scientist Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Playback Singer Velmurugan and members of Raindropss accompanied the children and make their trip memorable. Children were served with delicious lunch and dinner by the iconic #HotelAnnapoorna. The flying experience will remain ever in their lifetime and get an exposure of an outside world. 

Raindropss believes that an excellent groom of children is a combination of knowing the world around them, exposure and to seed the good values. This initiative will ensure that these kids take back the inspiring values and cherish able memories for their lifetime.

7th annual musical ANANDA DEEPAVALI 2019 celebrations

Raindropss 7th annual musical ANANDA DEEPAVALI celebrated at Anandam Free Home for Senior Citizen, Kallipukkam, Ambattur with 105 elders and 270 children.

Our Goodwill Ambassador and Music Director A R Raihanah mam and Anandam Founder and Managing Trustee Bhageerathy amma presided over the celebrations and Padma Shri Dr. T V Devarajan sir and Kavitha Ramu IAS were the Cheif Guests for the grand celebrations and wished the kids to celebrate the festival with great joy and safety.

It was an evening of Music, Dance and colorful celebrations. Film songs, old and new was rendered by the battery of leading playback singers Shamsudeen sir, Haritha, Pravin and Zee Tamizh Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Fame Karthik and Sahana – the children overcame their shyness and danced. 

Electrifying dance performances of Twist and Turn Dance Studio, Seniors of Anandam and Zha Song by Raihanah mam made the children to enjoy the celebrations at the best. 


Raindropss Iftar and educational scholarship distribution 2019

Harmony becomes highlight at Raindropss annual Iftar and educational scholarship distribution meet 

Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during Ramzan. The fast is broken at sundown with a meal known as “Iftar”. Members of the community as well as from other faiths break bread together, from which the tradition of Iftar parties emerged. Community iftar in the holy month of Ramadan is one of the most rewarding deeds. The Prophet said: “Whoever gives iftar to a fasting person will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the person in the slightest,” and in this holy month, communal iftars are abundant in a number of mosques and some public venue’s. Good and affluent people, along with charities and advocacy offices, compete to organize communal iftars where residents of different nationalities come together in a spiritual, brotherly and friendly ambiance even though most of them had never met each other except in communal iftars, and the big mosques are these charitable events’ venues.

This special event witnessed the eclectic crowd including academicians, students, industrialists, social activists from various faiths. VGP Group of Companies Chairman VG Santhosam, Organic Scientist Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Former Chairman of Ethiraj College for Women Mike Muralidharan, Exnora Founder MB Nirmal, Religious Heads and many others participated in the Iftar celebrations along with the less privileged children. After breaking the fast, the educational scholarships contributed by the donors of the organisation were distributed to the academic toppers and less privileged children selected across Tamil Nadu. 

Communal Iftar and Educational Scholarships distribution from Raindropss attempted to strengthen the bond among communities, inter-faith dialogues over food to upload the secular, pluralistic and inclusive spirit of the country alive. We wanted to celebrate Ramzan like all other functions with no religious difference, we are from a secular country we have the right to be free from religious rules and teachings. We take immense pleasure to celebrate Ramzan and distribute the educational scholarships to the less privileged children on this auspicious occasion. Children’s from Seers girls’ home were gifted with new dresses.

Members of Raindropss, ensured that the participants enjoyed the Special Eid Milan feast, comprising fruits, fried savouries, biryani and sherbet followed by haleem sponsored by Dindigul Thalappakkati Restaurant.

Special thanks to all our generous donors for supporting our annual Educate A Child project and thanks to our partners @Dindigul Thalappakkati Restaurant, TStudio, Zodiac Events, Yuva, Saj & Taj and Mega Digital.

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On the occasion of World Food Day, @Raindropss in association with Biriyani Brothers organized “Free Food Truck” in Chennai as a part of their “Virunthali – Feed the needy” project, a vision towards hunger free society. Raindropss Free Food Truck was flagged off by Music Director A.R.Raihanah mam, Lyricist Snehan bro and Saran bro, Managing Director of Biriyani, Brothers from Anna Nagar. 

Serving the needy on the roadsides is not something new to Raindropss, we already have a project Virunthali – Feedy the needy, where we serve the needy people almost every week. We started Virunthali – feed the needy project, with a vision of creating a hunger free society. We wanted to name the project as ‘Virunthali’, as we need to treat the needy people starving for food on the roadside as our guests, feed them with a meal and conquer their hunger with love. To do something special and big on World Food Day, we wanted to serve large number of people through our Raindropss Free Food Truck and create awareness on chronic hunger. We received wonderful response and support for this noble initiative through various social media’s. Volunteers of Raindropss, Seers Girls Home, Students from schools and colleges joined to help in serving the food to needy.


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