Raindropss Annual Grammiya Kalaivizha Celebrates Culture and Honors Distinguished Individuals

Raindropss, a non-profit organization dedicated to social welfare and cultural preservation, in association with Velammal Nexus successfully hosted its annual Grammiya Kalaivizha at Anandam Free Home for Senior Citizens. The event was graced by prominent personalities, including Industrialist VG Santhosam, Music Director and Goodwill Ambassador of Raindropss AR Raihanah, and Actor Senthil, Dr. TV Devarajan who actively participated in the festivities. The event also had a scrumptious native snacks from 90’s, traditional games such as pot making, merry-go-round, horse ride, parrot reading etc which enthralled all the kids and people of all ages which trickled the nostalgic moments for the elders

The Annual Grammiya Kalaivizha is an initiative by Raindropss aimed at showcasing and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of our society, with a special focus on traditional arts and talents. This year’s event proved to be a grand success, bringing together people of all ages to revel in the vibrancy of our cultural traditions.

Distinguished guests VG Santhosam, AR Raihanah, and Actor Senthil added star power to the event, engaging with the audience and expressing their appreciation for the efforts put forth by Raindropss in promoting cultural awareness and preserving traditional arts.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Mannin Kural Awards, a recognition bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of arts and culture. Mathichiyam Bala, Muthusirpi, and Dr. Sundaramoorthi were honored with Mannin Kural Awards, acknowledging their outstanding achievements and dedication to the promotion of cultural heritage.

The event featured mesmerizing performances by Dr. Sundaramoorthi’s Folk art team showcasing various forms of folk arts, music and Twist N Turn dance studio’s electrifying dance performances. The audience was treated to a spectacular display of talent that reflected the diversity and richness of our cultural tapestry.

The Annual Grammiya Kalaivizha at Anandam Free Home for Senior Citizens was not just a celebration of culture but also a heartwarming experience that brought joy to the residents of the home. The event successfully combined entertainment with a sense of community and social responsibility.

Raindropss looks forward to continuing its mission of cultural preservation and social welfare in the years to come, with the support of the community and the active participation of individuals and organizations dedicated to the cause.

Special thanks to Rotaract Club of Zenith, Anandam, Manvasanai, Ellora Goli Soda, Twist N Turn Dance Studio, TStudio, Ka Creatives and all our patrons for the great support in making this happen.